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Peace Weddings Marriage Celebrant

It would be my honour to be present at your Wedding Ceremony and to fulfill the legal requirements necessary to validate your Marriage.

My commitment is to ensure that your Wedding Day and the preparations leading up to this auspicious occassion be as Happy and Peaceful as possible.

By its nature, as one of the most significant rites of passage during Lifes Journey, Marriage deserves to be celebrated as one of Lifes most Joyous Events.

I promise to do all in my power to assist you to design a ceremony that suits you both perfectly and that is all you could ever dream for it to be.

My services include…

Marriage Celebrant
  • Interview in a mutually convenient location.
  • Second and subsequent meetings if required.
  • Advice on wedding rituals to enhance your day if required.
  • Telephone and email communication as required.
  • Creation of a personalized, unique and meaningful ceremony.
  • Rehearsal.
  • Solemnization of your marriage ceremony.
  • Preparation of legal documentation.
  • Lodgement of legal documentation.

1st Step.

For our initial meeting, (if it is less than 18 months prior to the date of your wedding and more than one preceding it). We will complete your N.O.I.M form…this is your Notice of Intended Marriage.

It is of paramount importance that the details on this form agree with your birth certificate so please bring this with you to our first meeting. If you are not an Australian Citizen and do not have your birth certificate, please bring your passport.

If there has been any changes of name or previous marriages please also bring the legal forms attending to these matters e.g. Stat.Decs, Divorce Papers, Certificates.

2nd Step.

If you have decided upon your venue please bring the correct address with you also.

We can then discuss and plan a ceremony that reflects you as a couple and that feels distinctly your own.

You may like to consider

  • whether you will be having someone "Giving the Bride Away"
  • who your witnesses might be. (you will need two people over the age of 18 years)
  • Do you wish to have someone doing a reading or poem.
  • Any special arrangements or requests.
  • Need for PA? (particularly if outdoor wedding)
  • Considering a plan B to allow for unseen contingencies. e.g. if outdoor wedding, back up venue available in case of disagreeable weather.
  • Discuss need for table, tablecloth , chairs for signing certificates

3rd Step.

We can confirm a date for a wedding rehearsal if you wish to have one. This is totally up to yourselves however I encourage you to do so and involve the entire wedding party using the actual venue at the same time approximately one week prior to the actual ceremony. We will complete your Declaration Form at this time. If you decide against a rehearsal we can complete this form also at our initial meeting.

4th Step.

We can discuss the actual ceremony

There are certain words that need to be said to ensure your Marriage is valid. Words that need to be said by myself are…

“I am duly authorized by law to solemnize weddings according to law. Before you are joined in marriage in my presence and in the presence of these witnesses, I am to remind you of the solemn and binding nature of the relationship into which you are about to enter. Marriage according to law in Australia, is the union of Man and Woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”

I can say more but these words are the minimum.

You can then work on your Vows and you may have prepared your personal vows already.

This is also an extremely important part of the ceremony and certain words need to be included within your vows to ensure the validity of the marriage.

I have many readings that you are welcome to peruse if you would like some inspiration to add to your vows.

The necessary minimum words words are…

“I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, A.B, (C.D.), take thee C.D.(or A.B) to be my lawful wedded wife (or husband).’

These words are to form the basis of your vows and can be changed marginally but please check any changes with me prior to ceremony.

Step 6.

You may or may not like to furnish me with some history if you would like me to include it in your service to personalize it more.

Step 7

I am also required by law to furnish you with a brochure entitled ‘Happy Ever Before and After’ so please ensure I have your postal addresses so I may post you both a copy.

Relationship Counselling Services will help to nurture and sustain your relationship. Please find attached brochures and details of services available in the local community.

  • Relationships Australia

    Tel: 1300 364 277

    5 Markeri St. Mermaid Beach.
    12-14 Marine Parade Southport.
    16 Third Ave Palm Beach

  • Yoxall and Associates

    Tel: 5526 1148


    1/2249 Gold Coast Highway,
    Nobby Beach 4128

Step 8.

We can go through our Marriage Planning Check List to ensure we have covered everything including Timing of Ceremony, arrival, length of ceremony, departure time etc.,

Music, Photographer, Video, Council Approvals etc.

Step 9.

I will furnish you with a “Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants”(regulation 37) and also a comment/evaluation sheet where you are welcome to highlight any perceived shortcoming of my services. Hopefully there will not be any but if you do have any concerns regarding my services please let me know so that I may rectify the situation. You are also welcome to contact:

The Attorney Generals Dept.,
Robert Garran Offices,
National Circuit,
Barton, ACT.2600

Tel: 02 6250 6666

Step 10.

Confirmation of Booking and Payment Details.

The ceremony date and time will be secured by payment of the booking confirmation fee of $790.00 plus GST.  This rate applies only to weddings in the Gold Coast Area. I am happy to travel to your chosen location however travelling expenses and any necessary accommodation will need to be added to my invoice. Travelling charges are $50 per hour outside the Gold Coast plus 50 cents per extra kilometer. I usually charge from Fingal turnoff to the south, Coomera to the North or Nerang to the west.

The ceremony will not take place unless all fees have been paid.

Should either of you cancel the ceremony within 30 days of the scheduled date, no refund is payable. 50% will be refunded if cancellation is made prior to 30days before scheduled wedding.

Step 11.


Should you wish to alter the time and date of your ceremony, please contact me as soon as possible for confirmation of my availability.

The ceremony must start close to the scheduled commencement time.

Please note that the couple is liable for and indemnifies the Celebrant against liability or loss arising from, and cost incurred due to the couple not being ready at the venue within half and hour of the designated commencement time.

Approval from local authorities for use of public park or space is the responsibility of the intending parties.

Your Wedding

The marriage ceremony is the centre of your wedding and the most important part of your wedding day because

  • It is when your promises (vows) are made.
  • It is when your legal contract is completed.
  • It is when you stand before your family and friends to declare your love and commitment to each other.
  • It is from where you leave with the Love and Blessings of the your community to begin a wonderful new and happy life as two individuals beginning one life together

… May it be filled with Peace, Love and Laughter,

All Blessings,


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